International Preparatory School (IPS) is excited to introduce our digital home learning hub to parents to make the coming days educational and fun. IPS’s digital home learning hub is intended to equip children with the skills knowledge and understanding that will give them opportunities for personal fulfilment and sustain their ongoing educational goals. Parents and families who are not part of IPS’s community can be a part and assess the digital educational opportunities available. Our digital learning curriculum is designed with consideration to each child’s individual needs in creative ways that address the real challenges each child may be experiencing in their learning journey.


Our learning design team has been significantly put together to map out support for children’s learning. IPS design team has set up a digital learning framework to support virtual home learning, spanning from age 4-11. They play an active role in designing learning goals that are compatible with children’s learning needs and expectations with minimal parental involvement. The framework is not just designed to support children’s learning at home, but about equipping children with deep knowledge and understanding of subject matter embedded with relevant teaching and learning practices. Children’s learning schedule is not different from the way children learn at school.


Our teachers use Google classroom and Google meet as a close social network to provide access to resources, present work, discuss and communicate to students. They also draw on wide range of resources not just to engage children in their learning, but put together to address each child’s learning needs.