About our School

Welcome to International Preparatory School, where every new day heralds a journey of exploration and experiential fun that lights up the lives of children. At IPS we are committed to exemplary teaching and learning for children. In our approach to learning, we aim to be creative, rigorous and relevant.

The achievement of the learning outcome will be underpinned by a commitment to the value of excellence and learner empowerment. Through discussion and interpretation of children work. our teachers will see themselves as researches and engage in continuous on-going training and theoretical exploration. The school will also endeavor to put in to practice what matter to children and it will be an innovative professional learning community for teachers.

The school is founded upon the principle that, "the environment enhances the learning process’’. We believe that children deserve a rich and stimulating environment that supports and aids development. With that in mind, we designed our school in an innovative way with an enclosed courtyard in the center. All classrooms have immediate access to the school grounds in order to facilitate outdoor learning.

As we grow and expand our scope, we will work with children and other experts to create new experiences and opportunities for both indoor and outdoor learning.

Our Mission

To nurture compassionate active citizens that act purposefully.

Our Vision

To provide an enriching environment that combines cutting-edge design with educational theory.

Our Values
  • Empathy. Listening carefully to others, learning together for the benefit of all.
  • Respect. Treating everyone with dignity.
  • Trust. Building relationships with a shared vision.
  • Courage. Developing resilience, determination and releasing the imagination to develop possibility thinking attitudes.
  • Gratitude. Acknowledging one another with good manners, thoughtfulness and consideration for each member of our community and the contributions they make.